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Ordering POST Forms:


Requirements before ordering forms:  


  • Physician offices please contact us to obtain two guidance documents before ordering forms

  • Hospital facilities should have at least two trained facilitators, hospital providers should have attended PCP training, and floor staff should attend a brief 20 minute introduction to POLST.

All other facilities, please contact us for questions regarding your care setting.

The POST form was last revised in 2017.  It is available for purchase (after meeting the above requirements) in the Members section.  See revised sample form.  This document provides a summary of the changes.

The copyright date at the bottom of the form is used to distinguish the different versions of POST.  Any POST form currently in use by a patient is still valid.


POST Forms are distributed by the Virginia POLST Collaborative through the Virginia POLST Administrative Home, Capital Caring. Each packet contains 50 POST forms.  Charges cover the expense of paper, printing and postage.

Packets:                                       Price:

1 - 4   (50 - 200 forms)                 $9.50 per packet, plus shipping

5 - 10 (250 - 500 forms)               $8.25 per packet, plus shipping

Shipping is a flat rate of $23.50 per order

Please use our Contact Us page to request larger orders as the shipping price will increase.


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